An automotive brake job at Automotive Excellence consists of the replacement of brake pads or shoes, resurfacing  rotors or drums using an on-car brake lathe in order to get a perfect surface finish. And, replacement or inspection of other related brake components, such as calipers, wheel cylinders, and brake fluid.

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The specific steps involved in a brake job will vary depending on the type of brakes on the vehicle, but in general, the following steps are typically taken:

  1. The wheels and tires are removed.
  2. The brake pads or shoes are inspected for wear and tear. If they are worn below a certain thickness, they must be replaced.
  3. The rotors or drums are also inspected for wear and tear. If they are warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, they must be replaced.
  4. If the rotors or drums are not damaged, they can be resurfaced to remove any imperfections.
  5. The new brake pads or shoes are installed.
  6. The wheels and tires are reinstalled.

In addition to the above steps, a complete brake job may also include the following:

  • Inspection and lubrication of the brake calipers and wheel cylinders
  • Replacement of any damaged or worn brake hardware
  • Adjustment of the parking brake

Once the brake job is complete, our technician will test the brakes to ensure that they are working properly.

How often should you get a brake job?

The frequency of brake jobs depends on a number of factors, such as the type of vehicle, your driving habits, and the environment in which you drive. In general, however, it is recommended to have your brakes inspected every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. If you notice any signs of brake problems, such as a soft brake pedal, pulsating brakes, or strange noises when braking, have your brakes inspected immediately.

Signs that you may need a brake job

Here are some common signs that you may need a brake job:

  • Soft or spongy brake pedal
  • Long stopping distances
  • Pulsating or shaking in the brake pedal and steering wheel
  • Squealing or grinding noises when braking
  • Warning light on the dashboard

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to have your brakes inspected by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible, give us a call.

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