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AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) Benefits for AAA Members

If you are a AAA Member, there are benefits and even discounts to taking your vehicle to an AAR facility. An AAR Facility or a AAA Auto Repair Shop is approved and guaranteed by AAA as a shop that provides the highest quality service by ASE certified auto technicians. They have met AAA’s requirements of merit and have signed an agreement with AAA to dedicate themselves to maintaining the AAA standards as well as honoring all AAA member benefits including general repair service discounts and even free AAA towing.

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What does a AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop or AAR entail?

AAA not only works to provide roadside assistance and on-call help when caught in emergency situations but also wants to ensure that your vehicle is always receiving high-quality maintenance and care. An approved auto repair shop is indicated with a sign in front saying, “Approved Auto Repair.” It is not only staffed with certified ASE technicians that are guaranteed to be reviewing and repairing your vehicle, but there are further standards of excellence and service an approved AAA auto repair shop or AAR facility must meet. To be an AAR Shop, a shop must maintain a high-quality level of cleanliness, honest and fair pricing on all repairs big or small, as well as devoted, communicative customer service.

They are contracted to perform these standards and underwent AAA's intensive inspection, verification, and requirement process to prove they are capable of always providing such service.

These standards not only include customer service and ASE certifications, but on a technological side AAA requires a AAA Auto Repair Shop to provide and maintain the highest level of computerized resources including advanced computerized diagnostics for accuracy, speed, and quality assurance along with strict environmental regulations because to be an Approved Auto Repair facility, safety is of the utmost importance for the sake of the customers, the auto technicians, and the customers’ vehicles, so proper standardized waste disposal must be adhered to.

If you are an AAA member, in favor of your vehicle and wallet, it is extremely opportune and resourceful to utilize the benefits of your membership including the guaranteed discounts and approved exceptional service by visiting an AAR facility in cases of auto emergencies and all auto maintenance.

Automotive Excellence - AAA Approved Repair Shop

Approved Auto Repair Locator

AAA does not expect its members to solely lookout for “Approved Auto Repair” signs in front of shops to determine if a shop is an Approved Auto Repair Shop. AAA provides an Approved Auto Repair Locator on their site where you can input your zip code with a preferred radius of distance willing to drive. This tool will display a list of all AAA approved facilities for you to take advantage of as a AAA member. If the closest shop is too far, do not turn elsewhere. Remember that one of the benefits of being a member and going to a AAA Auto Repair Shop is the option for free AAA towing. Contact the nearest or preferred shop of your choice using the Approved Auto Repair Locator and ask about the services guaranteed as AAA member benefits. Another reason it is most opportune to utilize your benefits as a AAA Member is the guaranteed discount! AAR Shops are in agreement with AAA to provide 10% of general repair services.

Visit to locate your nearest AAR facility.